Empowered Men Ministries

Empowered Men Ministries

Who are we?

EMM = Strengthen Men spiritually through four pillars:(Consulting, Education, Networking & Annual Retreats)

We are a group of Christian men who, through interacting with each other at our annual retreats and other activities, spur each other into growth as Christian men.  

Our Ministry

To promote responsible manhood according to the bible
To nurture the spiritual growth of men
To promote responsible parenthood in men
To promote education and skills training
To promote entrepreneurship in men
To provide a forum for men to grow


 Message from the President

Since 2009 in Atlanta, Empowered Men Ministries has been a fixture in the lives of many men. We are called to be Priests in our homes and leaders in our communities.
Every year since then, we have met in various cities throughout the United States, with a goal to share, encourage and empower each other while basking in God’s Word. All that have attended have received a blessing of their own.
In 2019 we will meet from October 24th to 27th, in  Houston Texas. We are encouraging Men to join us as we break bread together. 

Speaker:  Evangelist Albert Machando

Theme: Protect ThisHouse
My humble prayer is that God continues to use this ministry to impact not only Men, but families, communities and countries. 

2261 Brookhollow Plaza Drive, Suite 208, Arlington TX 76006